Ada Bojana – a combination of magic and reality

Montenegro has numerous localities where nature placed its most beautiful signature. From north to south, the scenery takes your breath away. However, a place called Ada Bojana in the southernmost Montenegrin territory preys with its charms.

Named after the Turkish word ada for an island, Ada Bojana is a place in Montenegro that perplexes magic and peculiar reality where the river Bojana meets the Adriatic Sea. The legend says that the island appeared at the end of the XIX century when Trogir merchant Anton Allegretti’s galley Merito ran aground after big storms on return from Skadar in 1858. Before that, there were two small islands. River sediment collected around the sunken ship’s hull and these two islands for years, forming the bank first and the island later. This paradise on Earth spreads over 4.9 square kilometers, with over three kilometers of long beaches covered in the finest sand, surrounded by the calm waters of the Bojana River. The right arm of the Bojana River separates the island from the 13 km long Ulcinj Long Beach. The nearest places are the village of Štoj and the city of Ulcinj. Enveloped by the slow waters of Bojana on two sides, the island is the most beautiful part of the river’s delta, where the creative power of the waters – the river and the sea into which it flows – meet. Countless years and unimaginable amounts of sand passed through the Bojana’s bed and stopped on the Adriatic Sea waves, forming a triangular island. Ada Bojana is adorned with subtropical and Mediterranean vegetation, with some of Europe’s unique plant and animal species. The island is a favorite tourist destination in the Adriatic and the Mediterranean, partly because of over 240 sunny days a year and the peaceful environment amid isolation from the urban crowd and unforgettable sunsets. The cult film The Beauty of Sin (1985) by the famous Montenegrin director Živko Nikolić was shot on Ada Bojana. Numerous restaurants with Mediterranean cuisine and fish specialties offer guests top-quality dishes in the unusual ambiance of the terraces overlooking the Bojana River. Fish soup, traditionally prepared on Ada, is hard to find anywhere else in Montenegro.

Due to the strong winds along the coast in summer, Ada Bojana is a favorite destination for wind and kite surfers, gathering many fans of these sports on Ada’s beaches yearly. Horse riding is also the place’s attraction. Ada also offers a nudist beach, so fans of this type of tourism can freely enjoy all the charms of the sea, far from unwanted attention. Ada Bojana is a must-visit place.

Its uniqueness is mirrored in the movement of the sand deposits caused by sea currents and the Bojana River, which makes Ada and the surrounding beaches different and refreshed every year.