Beluga Vodka: Montenegro’s Luxury Ambassador to the World

Nikšić welcomed one of the world’s most revered alcoholic beverage brands, Beluga Vodka, on April12of this year. The company behind this prestigious label, Noblewood Group, has opened a facility in Montenegro’s second-largest city.
In the interview with our magazine, Noblewood Group CEO, Oleg Medoev, discussed the making of Beluga Vodka, the company’s lofty goals, and the outlook for the Nikšić plant. Through this conversation, we reveal the secrets and expertise behind the creation of this global brand.
1 Mr. Medoev, how would you describe the values of your company and the philosophy behind vodka production?
Our company’s foundation is an unwavering dedication to excellence and quality, a principle that guides us from day one. We never compromise onsuperior product quality, flavour, or packaging, makingBeluga Vodka a perfect blend of innovation and tradition. We take a holistic “field-to-table” approach, meaning that we monitor and inspect every stage of manufacturing to guarantee the finest quality. We distilNordic grain spirit of the highest qualityat our own distillery in Latvia, which is then blended with Montenegrin artesianwater. The combination of cutting-edge technology and the experience of master distillers gives our vodka its distinctive flavour and scent. It’s worth noting that,we don’t simply make one kind of vodka; we make a range of different price levels, each with its own distinct production method and resting period. The distinctiveness of Beluga Vodka also lies in its artisanal visualization. Each bottle features a hand-attached metal Beluga sturgeon talisman, making us a unique and memorable brand. Beluga vodka is best consumed with caviar. It compleiments the taste of this rare delicacy, resulting in a perfect harmony of flavours.
2 Given Nikšić’s reputation as the “city of beer,” the establishment of a vodka distillery came as something of a surprise to many residents. As a newcomer to the Nikšić brewing community, how do you feel?
We have carefully selected the country as the base for our business, considering not only the city but also the broader landscape of Montenegro. This choice was guided by the recognition that the Beluga brand and the Montenegro brand naturally complement each other, paving the way for even greater success when working in tandem. We deeply appreciate the warm welcome we have received from both the country and its government. In particular, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to Prime Minister Dr. Dritan Abazović, whose support has been unwavering since the beginning.
Our vision is to actively contribute to the resurgence of Nikšić, playing a pivotal role in restoring its former glory as a prominent industrial hub in Montenegro. The global surge in vodka consumption aligns perfectly with our brand’s position in the super-premium segment, a first for both Nikšić andMontenegro.
The ambitions of our factory go beyond vodka production, encompassing a diverse range of spirits such as gin, rum, liquors, and botanicals. We are equipped with the necessary capacityties to bring these exciting ventures to life. Additionally, we are committed to incorporating locally sourced natural ingredients into our unique formulas.
3 As the factory grows, how do you intend to keep maintainthe same high level of teamwork and morale among employees?
Our distillery is more than just a place to make vodka; it’s also a community. While our attention is now focused on commercial concerns, we aim to roll out many environmental and social initiatives when we launch at full scale. We are enthusiastic about supporting the local community and drivingpositive changes in the area. As we expand our team, we’re placing a special emphasis on internal growth and development, preserving the rich heritage that defines our business. Our company serves as an excellent platform for cultivating leaders and specialiszed experts. Young supervisors and professionals in our industry are making rapid advancements and strengthening their leadership skills, and there are plenty of opportunities for them to do so. Furthermore, we’ve seen promising initiatives emerge from our employees in the Research & Development department. Those who have been with us since the plant’s establishment, will play a pivotal role in coaching and training the newcomers, ensuring the preservation of our core values, quality standards, and positive work atmosphere. The expected increase in staff is a challenge, but it also highlights the importance of maintaining a positive team dynamic and productive workplace.
4 What kind of impact would your vodka factory have on the local environment?
We place a high priority on upholding our dedication to energy efficiency and water conservation. By conducting regular audits and monitoring,weensure our processes remain in harmony with our environmental objectives. For example, we have just received HAASP certification and audit as a systematic approach of toadherence tobest global practices and standards.A great example of zero-waste philosophy is our distillery in Latvia,which convertsall by-products of distillation into usable energy, completing the cycle from wheat to power. In addition, we want to keep funding research and development of greener technologies and procedures that will lessen the negative effects of our operations on the environment and contribute to a cleaner and healthier environment for future generations. A; along with this, Noblewood will take part in local environmental and ecological initiatives.
5 What makes Beluga Vodka worth purchasing?
In terms of allergen neutrality and health risk, vodka, and Beluga in particular, stands out as one of the cleanest and safest alcoholic beverages. Vodka is a versatile spirit that can be used in a variety of ways, from making cocktails to simply drinking with friends. Its lack of flavour allows it to accommodate a wide variety of ingredients and preparation methods. Vodka is not only a drink that may be taken to the point of unconsciousness, but also has the potential to create unique opportunities for bonding with loved ones, colleagues, and partners. I think it’s great that Beluga is now becoming “Montenegrin,” and weshould all be proud of it.
6 Where do you see Beluga Vodka going, and what do you hope to accomplish with it in the years ahead?
Our plans for Beluga Vodka’s future are rather lofty. Within the next year, we plan to significantly increase our international presence. We are now considering expanding our production, andcreating new products, and exploring opportunities to grow into the manufacturing of more alcoholic beverages.We intend to roll out a significant campaign to strengthen our bonds with customers, raise awareness of our brand, and broaden our reach in the marketplace. By adhering to our idea of excellence and commitment to the finest quality, we hope to expand Beluga’s global recognition and esteem.