Cable car Kotor-Lovćen – a bridge between the past and the present, towns and nature

The foot of the Bay of Kotor and the imposing mountain Lovćen are now connected by something that will forever change the way we look at this beautiful area of Montenegro – the Kotor-Lovćen Cable Car. This innovative and fascinating cable car offers not only spectacular views of the natural beauty of the region, but also a unique experience of traveling through time and space.

The starting station of the cable car is located in the heart of the historic town of Kotor, whose architecture bears witness to its rich past. As you rise to the top in the comfortable cabins, the panoramic windows open allowing you to enjoy the unforgettable sights of the Bay of Kotor. From a height, you can observe the narrow streets of the old town, impressive fortresses and numerous churches that adorn the coast.

After a few minutes of driving, you will reach the first intermediate station, where you can take a short walk and explore the surroundings. Here you can feel the combination of traditional and modern life, enjoy local specialties or visit souvenir shops that offer authentic Montenegrin products.

Further on, the cable car continues its journey towards the top of Lovćen, following a winding road that reveals vast forests, tame meadows and mountain peaks covered with a blanket of snow. As you approach the top, the atmosphere becomes fresh and relaxing, giving you a sense of isolation from everyday stress.

Finally, you reach the top of Lovćen, where you can see an unreal view of the Montenegrin mountains, sea and sky that blend in perfect harmony. At the very top there is a mausoleum dedicated to the famous Montenegrin ruler and poet,Petar II PetrovićNjegoš, whose figure dominates the landscape.

The Kotor-Lovćen cable car is not only a technical feat and a modern tourist attraction, but also a bridge between the past and the present, towns and nature. This cable car provides an experience that leaves a deep impression on visitors, reminding us of the unique beauty of Montenegro and the richness of its cultural heritage.

It is important to note that the Kotor-Lovćen Cable Car, despite its spectacularity, is subject to the effects of weather conditions. From October 15 onwards, the cable car may be closed due to unpredictable weather conditions that may affect passenger safety. This preventive measure complies with high security standards and ensures that visitors have a worry-free experience.

In the case of bad weather conditions, visitors are advised to check the current information about the cable car operation before planning a visit. Regardless, Lovćen Mountain itself offers a wealth of diverse activities and scenery, so even when the cable car is not in operation, visitors can explore the area on foot or enjoy other tourist attractions in the Bay of Kotor.

This flexibility and care for visitors further emphasize the commitment of the Kotor-Lovćen Cable Car team to provide an unforgettable experience in accordance with the highest safety standards.


The Kotor-Lovćen cable car is a key point in the tourist offer of Montenegro, enriching the experience of visitors and opening new horizons for exploring and enjoying this beautiful region. This innovative project not only provides an incredible visual experience, but also helps preserve and promote the wealth of Montenegrin cultural heritage.

Given its central location in the heart of the Bay of Kotor, the Kotor-Lovćen Cable Car has become a symbol of connecting traditional and modern tourism.


The Minister of Spatial Planning and Urbanism, MrJankoOdović, held a meeting on the topic of construction of the second phase of the cable car from Lovćen to Cetinje, with associates and representatives of the Capital of Cetinje, the advisor to the President of the State, representatives of the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Tourism, Ecology, Sustainable Development and Development of the North, as well as with a representative of the Agency for environmental protection.

“Given the historical importance of the Capital, the construction of the second phase of the cable car, which would then connect Kotor and Cetinje, would contribute to the full valorization of the tourist potential of the Capital”, pointed out Odović.

At the meeting, it was agreed to prepare all the necessary analyzes for the construction of the second phase of the cable car from Lovćen to Cetinje, with the full participation and commitment of all relevant institutions.

“This is just one of a series of projects for the construction of which, for the benefit of all citizens of Montenegro, as well as numerous tourists, the Ministry headed by me will advocate”, said Odović.