Cirkon lab leading destination for Hollywood Smile and dental tourism in Montenegro

One of the popular trends in the world of dentistry is the Hollywood smile, and it is an innovation that can be fully applied in Montenegro. In the dental office Cirkon lab in Podgorica, existing since 2005, with the support of supreme technology and precise design, patients can get a perfectly white smile, which reflects the aesthetic standards in the world.

Elvir Suntić, master of dental technique cad cam dental design, says they are fully committed to providing unparalleled dental service to the patient’s satisfaction.

“Based on my thirty years of experience and long work abroad, I can freely say that Montenegro has access to the world’s best dental material brands, which makes it competitive with other countries in Europe and the world. We use German and Swiss brands recognized for their exceptional quality”, said Suntić.

When Mr. Suntić talks about the patients who come to the office, he points out that they mostly attract patients from the foreign market, including the diaspora.

“Their choice to come to us confirms our distinguished reputation and quality dental service. Our patients are more than satisfied with the Hollywood smile, as it provides an aesthetic transformation and a return of self-confidence. We see how their smile is transformed, and to us, that is the greatest satisfaction and confirmation of our dedicated work”, said Suntić.

Mr. Suntić is confident that Montenegro has a considerable potential for the development of dental tourism, and that is why more significant investments in marketing are needed to show the extraordinary level of dental services they have.

“We can pursue the Turkish example and follow their social networks to witness how they successfully advertise their practices and brands. Our practice is a good example of dental tourism, and I want to pass on that knowledge to my colleagues and future generations who plan to dedicate themselves to this business”, said Suntić.

He is confident that, when it comes to dental tourism, the Circon Lab office is the leader in the region, as it has a modern dental laboratory, operating since 1995, and cooperates with many offices in Montenegro and abroad.

“The final product is created in our office, and you can get it in three to seven days,” said Suntić.

He pointed out that the team working in the Circon lab office is highly professional and can fully respond to the challenges of modern dentistry.

“Our highly skilled team at the Circon lab practice has a wealth of knowledge and experience that enables them to respond to the challenges of modern dentistry fully. Their expertise, dedication, and continuous professional improvement ensures that our patients receive exceptional dental service that meets the highest quality and precision standards, ” concluded Suntić.