Discover authentic Montenegrin specialties at the Diplomat restaurant – a perfect blend of tradition and international cuisine

Restaurant Diplomat, which opened two months ago, focuses on international cuisine that stands out among other restaurants in Podgorica, said one of the owners, Zoran Bukilić.

“My colleague Bojan and I, with many years of experience in catering, invested a lot of energy to create a unique and authentic offer of dishes. One of our main priorities is to promote authenticity and local delicacies. We offer various specialties characteristic to Montenegro and its culinary tradition, and our menu includes some of the most famous Montenegrin specialties”, said Bukilić.

Diplomat is a place where different cultures meet, and one enjoys unique gastronomic experiences

 “Through our creativity and expertise, we try to ensure each dish has its authentic note. We use the freshest local ingredients and traditional recipes to revive the rich culinary heritage of Montenegro. We aim to provide our guests with an authentic experience of Montenegrin cuisine and delight their tastes.”

“We are incredibly proud of the feedback we receive from foreign guests. They are always delighted with our traditional dishes and often ask for recommendations for trying authentic Montenegrin specialties. We actively promote local delicacies through the menu, and our friendly servers are always ready to recommend the best that Montenegrin cuisine offers. We invite all local and foreign guests to visit our restaurant and explore the authentic Montenegrin specialties we offer. I guarantee you will enjoy the rich flavors and recognize the love we put into each dish”, said Bukilić.