Experience something that is reliably different : voco Podgorica

Looking for the perfect blend of comfort, luxury, and relaxation? voco Podgorica is your destination. Located along the Sitnica River, this hotel is just 6km from the city center and 10km from the airport, providing a stress-free and relaxing stay.
With 81 rooms and suites, voco Podgorica is perfect for business travelers, SPA and fitness enthusiasts, sports teams, and guests looking for privacy and a peaceful environment. Indulge in the luxury of a comfortable and tranquil stay. The abundance of space in the rooms and bathrooms, coupled with the convenience of complimentary parking, creates a truly delightful experience.
Moreover, voco Podgorica boasts a plethora of luxurious amenities guaranteed to cater to your every desire – a grand swimming pool, a restaurant, a tranquil spa center, a bar, and three conference rooms. Personalized service is guaranteed by our friendly and professional staff who will take care of all your requests.
The voco brand, part of the InterContinental Hotels Group, is characterized by a unique character and local charm, which include elements of local culture and tradition. Thus, the hotels create an authentic experience for guests. Relaxed luxury is what makes it special. The fastest-growing IHG brand, with 60 hotels in 23 countries worldwide and more to come, voco has become synonymous with something new and different.
But that’s not all. The voco brand is renowned for its unwavering commitment to the environment, just as much as it is for its exceptional hospitality. By integrating eco-friendly practices, every stay at voco becomes a truly unforgettable experience. Not only does its commitment to sustainability preserve the environment, it also motivates others to protect it for future generations.

Come and discover what makes voco Podgorica special and why voco is truly different!