Five Group – through innovation to progress

Ivan Šoć

 – Founder of Five Group

Young people bring new energy, perspective, and creativity, which are essential for innovation and progress

Five Group is a young Montenegrin brand that strives to integrate various segments through its operations and business activities. The main focus is on the science and innovation sector, interconnected with the IT industry, through which the company sees great potential for the development of both its own business and a significant part of the environment for the development of society itself.

How does Five Group manage to integrate various fields such as information technology, gaming, science, innovation, VR & AR technologies, and artificial intelligence into a coherent business model?

The wide range of different fields we cover represents the main pillar of our business because we possess knowledge and experience from various industries to fully meet the needs of multiple markets. In the IT domain, our focus is on applying innovative solutions to enhance business processes. In the sphere of science and innovation, we are constantly exploring the possibilities of applying advanced technologies. In recent years, we have paid great attention to artificial intelligence and machine learning, technologies that significantly form the core of our software solutions. When it comes to gaming, it plays a special role in our ecosystem because many of our innovative solutions come from this field, which always follows the most current technologies.

You often support young scientists and organizations in the fields of IT, robotics, science, and innovation. How do you see the future development of these fields in our country through young generations?

Supporting young people is crucial for the future success of any company, but also for society itself. Young people bring new energy, perspective, and creativity, which are essential for innovation and progress. We recognize the importance of this and actively work on creating an environment where young people can thrive and contribute to the development of businesses to a higher level. We believe that young people are key drivers of innovation and change, and that is why we are determined to support their development and contribute to the community we all share.

What impact do you expect your support for scientific, technological, and innovative initiatives to have on the development of the IT industry and society in Montenegro in the coming period?

Our support for scientific, technological, and innovative initiatives aims to maximally contribute to the development of the IT industry in Montenegro. We promote and implement advanced software solutions, but it is crucial that as a society we understand the enormous potential this sector can have for our country. We advocate for Montenegro to be more oriented towards an export-oriented market in the software field because we believe we have the capacity to offer competitive and high-quality solutions on a global level. This would not only enhance the IT sector itself but also contribute to overall economic development, as it could become one of the main pillars of our economy.