President of Montenegro Jakov Milatović met this morning with Dutch King Willem-Alexander at the Royal Palace in The Hague, marking the beginning of his working visit to the country.
In an open and cordial conversation, strong friendship was reaffirmed, emphasizing the significance of the first visit at such a high level, marking the opening of a new chapter in the relationship between the two states.
President Milatović briefed the Dutch king on the current situation in the country, highlighting the key foreign policy priorities of our state and inviting him to visit Montenegro.
During his stay in The Hague, President Milatović also held a meeting with Prime Minister Mark Rutte, during which excellent and allied interstate relations were noted.
On this occasion, he emphasized the importance of the Netherlands’ support for our European path, expressing the expectation that Montenegro, as a leader in the negotiation process, will become a full member of the Union by 2028.
He reminded of the results Montenegro has achieved in strengthening the rule of law and the independence of institutions, demonstrating the country’s readiness to take significant steps to accelerate the European integration process.
Furthermore, the meeting underscored the importance of the intensive cooperation between Montenegro and the Netherlands within NATO in conditions crucial for broader global security.
President Milatović stressed that the Euro-Atlantic orientation of the Western Balkan countries must be preserved and further encouraged, considering it a key precondition for the region’s long-term stability and prosperity.
Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte praised the progress Montenegro has made in the European integration process, reiterating that the Netherlands remains a strong partner of Montenegro on the path to full EU membership.
There was mutual interest expressed in advancing economic cooperation, particularly in the energy sector and tourism, with better air connectivity cited as a prerequisite, which will be a topic of future discussions between representatives of the two countries.
During his visit to the Netherlands, President Milatović also met with Senate President Jan Anthonie Bruijn, House of Representatives President Martin Bosma, members of the Committee on Foreign Affairs and the EU, as well as representatives of the Dutch economy.