Montenegro got the 44. Government headed by Milojko Spajic

After the extraordinary parliamentary elections held in June this year, Montenegro clearly expressed its desire for responsible politicians and statesmen. Prime Minister Milojko Spajić is heading the new Government, which will lead the country to prosperity. His mission is directed towards economic reforms, improvement of citizens’ living standards, strengthening of the rule of law, and accelerated accession of Montenegro to the European Union.

The new Government, which was formed by the votes of 46 members of the Parliament of Montenegro, consists of five deputy prime ministers and 19 ministries. This Government represents a broad coalition, including members of Europe Now, the Democrats, the Socialist People’s Party, the Albanian Forum, the Albanian Alliance, and CIVIS. The reconstruction of the Government is also planned for a year, where the representatives of the coalition “For the Future of Montenegro” will take over the ministerial and one deputy prime minister positions.

The multi-hour debate on the election of the Government of Milojko Spajić lasted until the early hours of the following morning, when 19 MPs were against the election of the Government, while 46 MPs supported the new executive power. This election marks the end of the technical mandate of the previous Government, led by Dritan Abazović.

During the debate in the Parliament, Prime Minister Spajić emphasized his commitment to the citizens of Montenegro and their well-being. His Government aims to create a society that respects diversity and considers it an asset, not a reason for discrimination. Their vision is for Montenegro to become the Switzerland of the Balkans and the Singapore of Europe and to provide citizens with the best living conditions.

Electing this, Montenegro stepped towards a new political paradigm, where responsibility, transparency, and shared prosperity became the key principles of running the country. The Government of Prime Minister Milojko Spajić has a challenging but inspiring mission – to build a united and prosperous Montenegro where citizens are at the center of all efforts and changes.