Obnovljivi Izvori Energije: At the Crossroad of Technology and Green Energy

Ljubiša Bošković, Executive Director at Sistem-mne and co-founder of Obnovljivi Izvori Energije

Established in 2021, Obnovljivi izvori energije is a collaborative initiative of the companies Sistem-mne and Simes Inženjering. Since its foundation, the company has been committed to the promotion and development of renewable energy projects with a focus on solar and wind energy.

At the core of Obnovljivi izvori energije lies a strategic vision to foster green energy projects. The embodiment of this vision is reflected in the Prediš solar plant, spanning 490 hectares, a monumental project in Cetinje municipality. With an impressive estimated installed capacity of 227.8 MWp (200 MWac), the Prediš plant, valued at 180 million, is a testimony to the Obnovljivi izvori energije’s drive to power Montenegrin energy efficiency and sustainable future based on renewable energy sources.

Both established over a decade ago, Sistem-mne and Simes Inženjering have a noteworthy list of renewable energy projects in their portfolio.

These two esteemed companies have a history of successful collaboration. Namely, another joint venture, recognized by Luxembourg Alcazar Energy fund, is one more ambitious initiative whose construction is bound to start in 2025 – Bijela wind farm. Projected at 118.8 megawatts, this wind farm will be the largest one in the Balkans, effectively doubling Montenegro’s wind power capacity. This project is pivotal for Europe as well, offering a sustainable source of electricity and reducing the continent’s dependence on conventional energy sources.

“We have established “Obnovljivi izvori energije” in 2021 as a collaborative effort between Sistem-mne and our partner Simes Inženjering, two prominent companies in Montenegro, both deeply committed to green energy and sustainability. From the very beginning, our mission was to embrace renewable energy projects and continuously help increase the share of ‘green energy’ in Montenegro and the region. Our goal is to bring the latest and the best technological solutions to Montenegro and apply them in the development of new energy sources that will further reduce the environmental impact of our country and beyond. Our team consists of experienced experts and consultants regarding renewable energy sources, with licences for designing and reviewing technical documentation, implementation and professional supervision over the implementation of projects in the fields of civil engineering, hydro-engineering, mechanical and electrical engineering, as well as architecture”, said Ljubiša Bošković, Executive Director at Sistem-mne and co-founder of Obnovljivi izvori energije.

When it comes to the cooperation between Sistem-mne and Simes Inženjering on the Bijela wind farm project, Bošković points out: “Sistem-mne and Simes Inženjering have a rich history of successful collaboration, and the Bijela wind farm project is by far one of the most significant projects in our portfolio. What makes us exceptionally proud is that this project was recognised by the Luxembourg Alcazar Energy fund, which decided to acquire the rights for one of the largest wind farms in Europe, not just the region.  With this ambitious project, we intend to double Montenegro’s wind power capacity. Once the farm is completed, I believe that will mark a crucial step towards eliminating our reliance on traditional energy sources and will place us on all maps for green energy on the continent. In fact, its large capacity for clean energy will reduce Europe’s need for gas even further. Not to mention that it will produce enough power for 20,700 homes while avoiding 260,000 tons of CO₂ emissions annually.”

The success story of Obnovljivi izvori energije not only highlights their achievements but also serves as an inspiration for the entire industry, encouraging positive transformation in the energy sector.