Our mission is to create a gastronomic experience that will satisfy all the guests’ senses

Each service and plate must be like an artistic painting that first delights the eyes and touches the soul before the guests enjoy the flavors, said Miloš Knežević, the kitchen chef at Kula Tavern.

Kula Tavern opened its doors on May 12 this year and has already attracted positive reviews. The restaurant meets high standards of food quality and service, and the positive reactions of guests affirm that they are on the right track.

Mr. Knežević, what is the concept of the restaurant? Do you focus more on traditional or modern cuisine?

Our kitchen is a mix of traditional and modern. We appreciate the rich autochthonous cuisine of the region but interpret it in a modern way. All our menus are based on local ingredients familiar to us and characteristic of Bar. It is important to emphasize that everything that comes out of our kitchen is handmade. There are no ready-made products – everything is prepared from scratch with care and passion. As a chef, I invested time in market research and discovered that despite being close to the sea, our guests also enjoy dishes such as veal, lamb, steak, and kebabs.

Do you have a permanent menu or change it regularly according to seasonal foods?

Our menu offers interesting hot and cold appetizers that will delight all your tastes. Considering the seasonal ingredients, we regularly change the menu. We primarily focus on vegetables in the summer, which we carefully select from the surrounding villages. We treat every food we use with care, and freshness and quality are the key factors that make a difference in our business. Since the opening of the Kula Tavern, we have set high standards in business and service, and we are delighted with the results.

How would you describe the atmosphere and style of the restaurant?

The atmosphere in Kula Tavern is incredibly pleasant. You feel at home here – where family and friends meet, the energy is positive, and every moment is filled with exciting experiences. Even though we have only been open for two months, we have already created a unique story, like a movie unfolding before our eyes. Regarding reservations, we will always do our best to please our guests, regardless of the reservation. But I recommend making a reservation on weekends when it’s more crowded. I invite you to come and enjoy everything Kula Tower has to offer.