Aleksa Bečić : Democracy is of Feminine Gender

The first Congress of Women of Democratic Montenegro was held in the crowded hall of the Hilton Hotel in Podgorica under the slogan “Democracy is of Feminine Gender.” At the congress, which gathered over 500 female delegates and guests, Dr. Valentina Minić was elected as the President of the Women’s Forum.

President of Democratic Montenegro, Aleksa Bečić, highlighted the party’s ten-year struggle through various challenges and emphasized support for women in politics. He particularly emphasized the challenging position of women in Montenegro’s political scene and his successful cooperation with them.

Bečić also highlighted a significant change in Montenegro’s political scene regarding the representation of women in key positions in the state apparatus.

Dr. Valentina Minić, the elected President of the Democratic Women’s Forum, emphasized the importance of love, empathy, freedom, and solidarity in the women’s movement. She stressed the need for every woman’s voice to be heard and valued.

Jovana Duković, International Republican Institute (IRI) representative, recently expressed her satisfaction with the level of cooperation with the Democratic party. She emphasized the program’s importance in strengthening the political skills of women and young leaders.

The importance of women’s active participation in politics and support for their rights in a society that fights against injustice and discrimination was emphasized during the congress.