Sustineri Partners: Pioneer of ESG Development in the Adria Region

Sustineri Partners, a company specializing in environmental, social, and corporate governance standards (ESG standards), is becoming an increasingly important player in promoting sustainable development and socially responsible business in the Adria region. We spoke with Biljana Braithwaite, the company’s founder and CEO, about their activities, the impact of ESG standards, and the future of the Adria region.
Biljana Braithwaite proudly points out that Sustineri Partners, a joint project with her sister Aleksandra Njagulj, co-founder of the company and a recognized ESG expert, successfully gathered a team of experts and partners and that the idea for the company was born in beautiful Perast. Sustineri Partners aims to provide expertise and support to companies in the region to align their operations with ESG standards and prepare for the challenges of the future, as per international practices and regulations.
According to her, this area is already relevant in the European Union (EU), and the Adria region, with its vast potential, could attract foreign investments and become part of a sustainable global economy.
“Slovenia and Croatia, as members of the EU, harmonize their regulations with European standards, which is a positive step for their economy. But for the countries of the Western Balkans, it is vital to get closer to these standards to integrate into the European market successfully,” she said.
Braithwaite also emphasizes the importance of cooperation with companies, governments, and international institutions to increase awareness of the importance of sustainability and socially responsible management.
The ESG Adria Summit, organized in Montenegro for the second year in a row, is a crucial initiative of Sustineri Partners. This event brings together representatives of governments, international institutions, and business leaders from the region and the world to discuss the green transition, sustainable finance, circular economy, investment attraction, and innovation development.
Braithwaite points out that the inaugural Summit was a turning point for the region. This event brought together more than 450 participants, i.e., representatives of regional governments, international institutions, experts, and business leaders from more than 150 companies, 70 world-renowned speakers, financial experts, experts in the field of sustainable development, as well as many regional media who followed an event. The Summit was held for the first time in April 2023 under the name Western Balkans ESG Summit of the Western Balkans. Great interest led to expansion, and from 2024, the ESG Summit will include, in addition to, the countries of the Western Balkans, Slovenia, and Croatia.
“ESG standards, which deal with companies’ environmental, social, and governance practices, are becoming increasingly important for financial institutions. More than 80% of investors take them into account when making investment decisions, considering the long-term financial returns that such investments bring. Sustineri Partners, through its initiatives and the ESG Adria Summit, plays a crucial role in promoting and effectively implementing these standards in the Adria region,” Braithwaite stated.
Preparations for the next ESG Adria Summit are underway. It will be held in Tivat from April 24 to 26, 2024, and organized by Sustineri Partners and Porto Montenegro in partnership with the Government of Montenegro. Biljana and her team believe that events of this type can significantly affect the reputation of the region, making it a desirable destination for attracting responsible investments.
In conclusion, Sustineri Partners and CEO Biljana Braithwaite work with dedication to promote ESG standards, encourage the development of the green agenda, and support companies in the Adria region to become leaders in sustainable development, adopt new standards and modern practices in the way they manage their business. Their activities and the ESG Adria Summit promise a bright future for the sustainable development of this dynamic region.