Prime Minister Milojko Spajić met with a delegation of investors led by representatives of BofA (Bank of America), who are visiting the countries of the Western Balkans.
During the meeting, discussions revolved around the reforms that have been initiated and further steps to align Montenegro with the European Union, as well as to become more accessible to credible investors.

The Government’s agenda relies on three key elements: rule of law, accelerated EU integration, and balanced sustainable economic development. Rule of law is crucial as it enables the proper development of the other two aspects. Further progress on the EU path is contingent on substantial reforms in the field of rule of law, as only after obtaining the IBAR for chapters 23 and 24 can we begin to close the remaining chapters. You can already see from the reactions in Brussels that we have made serious strides in this area, emphasized Prime Minister Spajić.
He stressed the importance of appointments in the judiciary for continuing the decisive fight against organized crime and corruption at a high level.
The plan for road infrastructure construction was also presented, as it often represents a bottleneck for economic development.
The importance of tax policy reforms was highlighted, to make the system sensible for investors, enabling them to stay and invest over a longer period, which is particularly important for raising citizens’ standards and strengthening public finances.
In the context of shaping the image of a country desirable for investment, the significance of large investments from the European Union was emphasized, through the provision of grants, as well as NATO membership, which is a guarantee of stability.
International investors from London, Boston, and Helsinki, as well as economic analysts from London, Paris, and Dubai, will visit not only Montenegro but also Serbia, Albania, and North Macedonia.